Saturday, June 03, 2017

Trying a new RSS Reader

As I dusted off this blog, I realised that I might need a new RSS reader to keep track of other #blogjune folks, plus some long running blogs I'm still fond of reading. The fact that Google Reader was my last RSS reader, and that it closed in 2013, shows how dry my blog posting and reading habits have become.

Asking Twitter for advice proved useful, as always. A lot of folks recommended Feedly, which I'm trying out. I'll try to reflect at the end of June what I think of it as a tool.
Who to follow? A big thank you to Peta Hopkins for collecting links to blogs via a Twitter hashtag.
Instructions from Peta's post:

Register by posting a tweet. The tweet must contain:

  • URL where you will be blogging
  • hashtag #registerblogjune

Optionally include other words like "Aaagh what am I thinking", "I'm a blog junkie" or anything else that comes to mind.
When you register, your twitter handle, blog URL and the text of your tweet will be added to the google docs spreadsheet below. Your blog will (probably) be included in an OPML file that will be published for those who want to subscribe to all the blogjune participants.

As for some of my favourite blogs? They include;
Tame The Web by Michael Stephens
Justin The Librarian by Justin Hoenke
Free Range Librarian by K.G. Schneider

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