Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Learning 2.0 / 23 Things

Continuing the theme of looking back, I've had fun browsing my work with Learning 2.0 / 23 Things programs.

My first real interaction with these programs was in 2008, as a participant in the School Library Journal’s “All together now: A 2.0 learning experience” project. My learning blog from that experience

After a fortunate series of events, I commenced a research project with Michael Stephens, looking at the impact of Learning 2.0 / 23 Things programs on Australian libraries. As a part of that work, I created and managed a program for library staff at my place of work.

The work with Michael was wonderfully rewarding - that's a longer blog post in itself....

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restructuregirl said...

OOh i like Michael Stephens. Looking forward to that future post.