Sunday, June 04, 2017

Instead of blogging...

It has been interesting to do some initial reflection on my use of different social media and web platforms over the last few years. There was a definite period where reading and writing blogs was a daily ritual. Then Twitter proved to be a useful and reliable source of information, learning and professional networking. Much to my reluctance, the last few years has seen me use Facebook as my primary online presence, with a little bit of Instagram on the side. I'm aiming to use #blogjune to do some deeper reflection on how I've used these tools, consider what I might learn by revisiting some of them, and attempt to learn some new tools. I'm looking at you Snapchat...! :-)

In the absence of regular blogging, I have sincerely tried to keep up to date with my professional reading and writing by contributing to Current Cites, edited by Roy Tennant.  I've written previously about my involvement with Current Cites. Thanks for letting me stick around Roy!

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