Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Inspired by Ferris Bueller, reflections on #blogjune so far

Day 20! Two thirds through #blogjune 2017.

I started with a vague notion that I should do 'something' to reinvigorate my professional reading,  thinking and writing, and #blogjune seemed like a way to go!

Inspired by Ferris Bueller, I thought it was time to 'stop and look around once in a while...' :-)

  1. I'm proud that I've managed to post everyday. Granted, a lot of posts have been fillers or reposts, but I've stuck with the schedule of posting something daily, in order to reestablish some positive, regular habits.
  2. It's been rewarding looking back at favourite or significant social media posts and old accounts, reminding me of the value of trying new online tools, and recording thoughts and experiences online somewhere.
  3. I've really enjoyed using Twitter again, to follow conferences and workshops, and to reconnect with a regular source of current writing and opinions about my professional interests.
  4. Networking and conversations via Twitter and blog comments has been missed. Once again, I'm committing to establishing new habits of staying in touch with my online colleagues.
  5. I've enjoyed writing, although there has been only one post of decent content so far, but another is scheduled. It is such a valuable exercise for reflecting on my own skills, knowledge and experience. I've just discovered that ALIA has some good Reflective Learning Resources for members, which I'm keen to use. I have submitted two short pieces of writing for consideration to other platforms.
  6. I've been inspired to register as a mentor for the ALIA Mentoring Scheme - applications are due this Friday 23rd June! 
Thanks to those folks who have visited and commented, or simply favourited a tweet, it means a lot!

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