Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Online highlights part 3 - plus Next Library 2017

I've been following the news from the Next Library 2017 conference, currently underway (11-14 June 2017) at Dokk1 - Aarhus Public Library in Denmark. Friends and colleagues are attending and presenting, and there have been some great insights shared via Twitter and Facebook .

I must admit I sometimes get hit with a tinge of envy when I see such wonderful library events underway. Of course I'd love to be able to travel anywhere, anytime to share in such experiences, but that's just not realistic.

One thing that helps keep me grounded is the realisation that I am in the right place, right here - I don't need to be in Denmark or anywhere else at the moment. I captured this realisation in a blog post in August 2013, when reflecting on an article about the wonderful Chattanooga Library.

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