Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keeping up to date with What's New

Of all the blogs and email lists I subscribe to, there are a precious few that are 'must-reads'. An item falls into that category only if the content is consistently interesting, new and unique. What's New from Mary Ann Kajewski at the State Library of Queensland is a definiate 'must-read'.
It an excellent round-up of sites (with brief descriptions) that covers useful websites and online applications, webcasts and other such events, training tools and tips and more. It is posted to a few SLQ email lists, and is available on the OPAL Training blog. The content is always good, the decriptions are short enough to quickly scan, but detailed enough inform, and each edition is short, not too many items to wade through.
This is one skill of librarians that should be promoted and encouraged more to non-library users - in a time of information overload, who do you go to in order to find 'the good stuff'.

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