Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amsterdam Central Library

Now this sounds like an amazing public library. Christine Mackenzie from Yarra Plenty Library has just returned from a round the world trip visiting some great libraries. Here she writes about the Amsterdam Central Library.

From Christine's post:
  • It is the largest public library in Europe, at 28,000 sq m over 10 floors.
  • It is the highest public point in Amsterdam and many visitors come for the view of the city.
  • There are 2 eating places, a small cafĂ© near the magazine area and a restaurant.
  • The City of Amsterdam recognises that the library needs to be regularly refurbished and renewed. There is a budget for total renewal in 10 years.
  • A Radio station is located in the library, broadcasting in the afternoon and evening to a city and national audience.
  • There are 600 pcs, many of them Apple Macs.
  • The Theater van ’t woord is professionally designed with the latest in light/ sound/ recording technology. It seats 270 (the 10th largest in Amsterdam) and is linked with the library. Nearly everything is possible: film/ music/ lectures and it is also linked to catering and conference rooms.

My favourite point - Librarians work on the floor, the information desks are designed to consult with the borrower side by side.
Nice work folks!

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