Monday, April 14, 2008

Notes from the Hyperlinked Library

I took a lot of notes during Michael's presentation, but once I re-read them, three main things stand out:

Big Picture
I wasn't exposed to a bunch a new ideas that I had never heard of before, but rather was given an excellent summary of the best of what web 2.0 and library 2.0 mean at the moment.
It was like going up in a hot air balloon and getting a wide picture of the 2.0 landscape, and Michael is an excellent guide.

Best practice
I did learn some new things, when Michael chose some real life examples to illustrate a point. Won't list them all here, but I have a long list of programs and websites to check out!

It's all about people
The phrase that had the biggest impact on me came near the end of Michael's talk, and it was something along the lines "the library encourages the heart, the library is human".
When I talk with colleagues about technology, especially social software type stuff, it always helps to bring the conversation back to the fact that it's mostly about people communicating with and connecting with other people. The technology is just a tool, and it's people and their conversations that are important.

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