Monday, October 16, 2006

Millennial's Panel with Stephen Abram

After morning tea Stephen had a group of about 22 teens on stage, and after getting them to introduce their name, age, and school (good mix of private and public), he simply asked them a series of questions for about 45 minutes.

The idea was to give ye olde librarians an insight into the lives of the next generation.

Q: “What was the last song you listened to, and what device did you listen to it on?”.
A: mostly iPods and CD players.

Q: “If you’re going out with friends on a Friday night, how and when do you organise it?”
A: Usually organised at the last minute, by txt messaging.

Not much new for me here, but the most disappointing part of the session was the group of older female delegates sitting behind me and “tut-tutting” the “bad” answers that the kids were giving. They just didn’t seem to get the fact that because a teen had not visited a public library for years that maybe it was the fault of the library, not the teen….

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