Monday, October 16, 2006

Another library blogging celebrity!

Michael Stephens this time!

Michael visited Wellington via the web, and presented the "Top Ten Technologies for Librarians 2006", with the assistance of Brenda Chawner who acted as Michael's eyes and ears at the session. I was very impressed how the session ran. Michael is an experienced and polished speaker so it was very easy to follow his presentation even though he was on the other side of the world!

Once again, most of Michael's ideas were familiar, but it was good to be reminded of these things:

  1. Plan early and often.
  2. Re-read and use the OCLC Perceptions report
  3. Blogs enable conversations with our library users
  4. Be finable - use RSS to advertise library services, events, news etc
  5. Collaboration - use wikis to enable staff to collaborate
  6. Be available - use IM for reference work, podcast library news, events and training
  7. Convergence of handheld devices (mobile phones etc) - txt reference service
  8. Connections with people - MySpace
  9. Content - user created content. Must check out "The Future of Music" book
  10. Enriched catalogues - Amazon leading the way

(Those ten points were my headings, not Michael's.)

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Brenda said...

Warren, thanks for the good write up of the session. I was very pleased with Michael's talk, and agree that he's a polished and confident speaker.