Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Central Library for Christchurch

Library folks, this is a seriously exciting 'watch this space'...

New Zealand does public library services really well.

Christchurch does public library services, and public library buildings really, really, really well.

(I'm massively understating this - I think New Zealand are in some aspects, world-leaders when it comes to public libraries and spaces).

So it's very exciting to read this announcement:

Help us design your dream library

The city’s New Central Library (Ngā Kete Wānanga o Ōtautahi) will be built in Cathedral Square and the Christchurch City Council wants your input on the design. What exciting things do you want to do in our New Central Library? How should the building look and feel?

The Your Library, Your Voice campaign runs from Friday 21 March to Friday 2 May 2014. Take the opportunity to have your say about this exciting Council-led anchor project.

We’ll collect feedback through:

  • Ideas walls in libraries, schools, universities and at public events
  • Postcards
  • Online quick polls and discussion forums
  • User groups
  • Listening posts in suburban libraries
  • Our website:

I can't wait to see the results of this project - go Christchurch!

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