Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mapping Newspapers

Two useful tools mashing maps and newspapers have filtered across my screen this morning.

newspaper map
Via the always excellent, always entertaining Very Short List email comes newspaper map. In the words of VSL:
The Newspaper Map does exactly what it promises to do: It maps 10,000-plus newspapers all over the world and lets you browse through, and read, every one of them.

For a more local (Australian) view on mapped news, try Newserve - one of the entries in Libraryhack 2011. The link is to a video demo. This link to the live version isn't working for me, but you might have better luck.

Newserve provides an easy-to-use search interface, interlacing the results on the map and a timeline. The ultimate goal of Newserve is to provide a single point of access to all newspaper resources in libraries of Australia - whether it be just catalogue information of the newspapers stored in the libraries of Australia or be the digitised newspaper collections. So far Newserve uses newspaper catalogue data of State Library of New South Wales and Trove digitised newspaper collection.

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alison said...

We should add Newspaper Map to our diigo - it is good