Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"She started to cry..."

At work, when we receive positive feedback from customers, we like to share them internally with staff. This one was quite powerful so I thought I'd share it more widely. (The note has been edited to protect people's privacy).

Just a note to mention a good news story that occurred this morning at the library. I signed a lady up as a new member and after explaining our free internet policy for members ~ including the wireless access as she had her own laptop ~ she started to cry. I asked if she was ok? and she said she was just so happy to hear of our internet service and cheap printing, as she has not been able to afford internet access or printer at home and was overwhelmed as she lives locally and can pop down here now when ever she needs to.

The services we provide do make a difference in people's lives.
If you're not already aware of Feel-good librarian, check it out for more positive stories.

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Brad Rowden said...

High fives!

Very cool story.

Thank you for sharing.