Friday, April 24, 2009

PLA/QPLA Conference 2009

(from the April edition of aliaPUBNEWS email alert)

Public Libraries Australia and the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) are happy to announce they will be holding a joint conference of national significance.

The conference will be held in Townsville, Queensland from 11 to 14 October 2009 with the theme being Change and Challenge.

In the near future a conference web page will be set up that will provide you with more information such as the program, sponsorship opportunities and registration details.
(Update 22/5/09 website is now available:

In the meantime pencil this event into your diaries and please contact the undersigned if you have any questions.

Roger Henshaw [ / Tel: 0414 190 133]
Ron Store [ / Tel: 07 4773 8819 or 07 4778 2424]

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