Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our Searchlight newspaper column

A few weeks ago Walt Crawford posted a question about library newspaper columns and blogs.
I responded with some information about our Searchlight column, and Walt kindly included it in two pages on the PALINET Leadership Network and one of my favourite wikis, Library Sucess: A Best Practices Wiki.
Thanks Walt!

Searchlight is a weekly column in the IT/Computer "Switched On" section of the Townsville Bulletin newspaper.

The aim of Searchlight is "to help make your internet searching more effective, efficient and fun, by reviewing search tools, providing hints and tips, and helping with tricky search topics."

Our aim is to take the search expertise of librarians, and make it available to a wide audience in a medium they regularly use (newspaper), using language that they understand.

You can subscribe to Searchlight via email (instructions here) and there is a blog, which stagnated for a while, but thanks to Walt's enquiry, I've started updating again as of last week.

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