Friday, July 18, 2008

Here's your chance to join a 'Learning 2.0' program

School Library Journal's 2.0 Program Begins July 21 - and you're invited to join in!

Have you heard of 23 Things, the self-guided program for learning about 2.0 web technology? It was developed by Helene Blowers a couple of years ago at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and since then has been adopted across the world by public and school libraries, districts, and even entire states. It consists of a number of "things," or small exercises, that you do online to expand your knowledge of the 2.0 web and social networking, from blogs and podcasts to wikis and Twitter.

Folks at School Library Journal are going to do a program, and they've decided "why not open it up and invite everyone to join us?". Andy by everyone, they mean people from US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc etc...

Michael Stephens will be helping out and the whole thing starts Monday, July 21st. Michael will author a blog that will lead you through the different exercises, offer guidance, answer questions, and even provide a little hand-holding. They're calling it "All Together Now: A 2.0 Learning Experience."

Head to the blog and get going. And have fun!

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