Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good stuff from the National Library of NZ

I've just used the "discover" function on Google Reader for the first time, and the link lived up to its promise!

I discovered a number of new blogs with some fantastic content, the best of which is LibraryTechNZ. According to the blog it is run by staff at the National Library of New Zealand, however it is not an 'official' blog.

Since early May they have been posting a weekly column called 'The Source: news about digital libraries and library innovations from around the web'. It is a fantastic roundup of recent reports, papers, articles etc.

From the blog: The Source is a weekly current awareness bulletin, sourced from the internet and compiled for the information needs of National Library staff.It covers a wide range of library-related topics including: Digital Libraries and Digitisation, ICT, Education and School Libraries, Public and National Libraries' issues and innovations, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy.

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